Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Microsoft discuss their Game DVR feature

The publisher details how their video recording and sharing system works on Xbox One.

Microsoft recently announced that the Twitch streaming service, along with a number of other apps, will not be available at launch. However they have detailed another way for gamers to share and record video of their games.
Game DVR allows users to capture video of gameplay in two different ways. They can either set the app to record for the next five minutes or at any time use it to record something that has just happened, for up to 5 minutes.
“You can snap it to the side of your game to begin recording up to five minutes of footage at any time. You get to choose whether you want to capture the last five minutes of gameplay or quickly capture the last 30 seconds simply by saying “Xbox, record that.”
Upload Studio then offers a number of editing options, including picture-in-picture, trimming and combining different clips. Once finished video footage can be shared over Xbox LIVE with your friends and the community at large.
Additionally Microsoft has incorporated their cloud-based storage system, SkyDrive, where users can save their footage in 720p quality. Videos on SkyDrive can then be viewed on other devices, such as mobile phones and PC’s.
“Thanks to SkyDrive on Xbox One, you can save your edited game clips directly to the cloud and share the way you want to share without any restrictions or limitations.”


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