Tuesday, 19 November 2013

DICE aware of Battlefield 4 issues

DICE working to fix problems with the game, including DDoS attacks, crashes and disconnects.

DICE and EA have both stated that they are working hard to fix problems that have been affecting Battlefield 4 across the PlayStation 4 and PC.
Sunday saw many players unable to connect to the online portion of the game at all. Those that could connect reported numerous problems, including perks and weapons being reset. DICE blamed the issues, which carried over until Monday, on a distributed denial-of-service attack. Though they couldn’t identify who was carrying out the DDoS attack on the PC servers Ali Hassoon, a producer at DICE, confirmed that they were working to fix the problem quickly.
"Hi guys, we are being targeted by a DDOS, but working on fixing it asap. I'm sorry somebody is ruining your and my day. Rest assured we are doing our best to mitigate the situation though."
It wasn’t just PC gamers experiencing difficulties either. Both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4 users suffered from disconnections and crashes. But the developer has announced that an Xbox update will release very soon as it is in final testing, while a PS4 patch is in the works.
"We are aware of the frequent crashes in Battlefield 4 on PlayStation 4. We are hard at work identifying these issues and are hoping to get a game update out early next week. Stay tuned for more details as we can confirm them, and thanks for your patience!"
Battlefield games have been well known to suffer server issues near launch so fans of the series will no doubt have been expecting some issues. With more gamers playing online than ever before its becoming more and more important for developers to have games ready for large number of players going online at launch.


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