Thursday, 22 November 2012

BLACK OPS 2 ZOMBIES SUPERGUIDE: Both of Tranzit's Easter Egg's + all of Tranzits secrets


  1. Collect the parts for the Jet Gun. There are 4 parts and are in the following locations. For 3 of the parts you need to run through the mist to get them, (or jump off the bus) but the FaceScratchers won't bother you in the areas where you have to search for these parts. (Best to use a Bowie Knife or the Gavinknucles in the mist. You can also shoot the Scratchers before they suck face, they scream before the pounce
    • Wires: They spawn in 3 spots in the power area under Tombstone
    • The Jet Engine: This spawn in 3 areas in the tunnel around where the M16 is. Spawns are on each wall and one in the middle closer to the M16 between 2 cars.
    • The Handle: 3 Spots in Natch Un Der Toten, This is in-between the mist between the farm and power. From the farm goto the 1st green light and take the 1st right path into the cornfield then when you have the option turn right again.
    • The Gauge: Spawns in 3 spots in the cabin, which is in-between Power and the Town. From power run through the mist until you get to a green light turn right and there is a little wooden cabin, look for a circle of fire. (Bowie Knife is also here.)
  2. Blow up the Jet Gun at the Tower. Take the Jet Gun and go to the Power Tower (It's in-between the Farm and Power. From the farm run until just before the 2nd green light and take a left in the cornfield look up in the sky and you will see a big PowerTower, you have to turn left and right again to get their it's not hard to miss.
  3. Kill a hoard of zombie with explosives under the tower. It's not alot of zombies, you will know when you are done because whoever the Old White Guy with the Glasses will here a message from richtoffen saying something about "Having to divide the power by 4" You can also tell this is done because the Green lights will be flickering and green electricity will souround them.
  4. Everyone needs to get EMP grenades. Rape the box until everyone has these. Share money, stock up in the bank, whatever everyone must have these.
  5. Throw them at a 4 different Green Lights at the exact same time. I use the ones at the bus depot, the town, the diner, and the cabin. If you do this right Old White dude will get a message from Richtoffen and you will get the trophy.


  1. Make sure everyone has Power Turbines from The Bus Depot. Turn the power on.
  2. Turn the power off (With the power off Perks will not work so watch out. Even if you have bought them)
  3. Goto Power Tower and place 2 wind turbines and defend the spot until the Electro-Zombie Shows up (can be awhile) best to have only 2 people here for this so the others can draw zombies away. They should have Galvaknucles or EMP's to kill the E-Zombie. (Don't let the power turbines get destroyed)
  4. Leave the 2 turbines running in the Power Tower and the 2 other people setup power turbines at the Diner Green Light and the Towns Green light (near Bridge closest to town). After that Old White Dude will hear maxis say something, and you should get you trophy.


This is not a glitch it is part of the game. If you revive someone between 10-16 times in a game without dying. You will see a green puff of smoke and you will have quick revive FOREVER on Tranzit. Quit the game play another still there. Turn your PS3 off and wait a week play a game still there. If you buy after this QuickRevive Perk it takes 1 second to revive someone.


To get these you need to get the piece that you would normally put in the top of the bus to get on the roof while inside the bus. DO NOT PUT IT ON THE BUS. Goto the Diner in the back there is a place on the roof where you can place it. $6000 but worth it.

1 person needs to have the galvanized knuckles (He does have to give or receive the money) Goto the back right outside the vault there is a box with 2 keys. Punch it with the galva-knucles then anyone can put money into it (In $1100 amounts) and a power up spawns nearby whoever picks it up gets the money (10% goes to Treyarch)

It is in the bank vault. Blowup the vault door with a grenade, then repeat (2 doors). Then someone needs to be at Power and use a Power Turbine at the door with a green Lightning Bolt on it. A door will open in the bank vault. You must assemble PAP but all the parts are in this hallway that opens to you. PAP won't close if the turbine is still running in power (Zombies destroy it quickly and it breaks down) or if someone is in PAP.

From the Diner Jump past the lava and run until you come to a Truck on the left then turn left just after the truck run straight and you will be in town. This is 1-way only.


These can be assembled at the Power Tower (in the cornfield between Farm and power)
  • Wooden Plank: Tunnel, Power Area Under Workbench
  • Meteor: Bus Depot hole in wall by the box (must be crouching)
  • Power Box: Town by the dumpster next to the box spawn, or Farm next to the Fridge
  • Radio: Natch Un Der Toten, or Diner Garage on Cabinet

  • If you put money in the bank you can withdraw it in any future game, same if you put a weapon in the fridge at the Farm. (No RayGuns)
  • Once power is on all the green lights become teleporters. You need to get a FaceScratcher on your head and run under them and they will randomly teleport you to a different green light (8 green lights total; Bus Depot, Diner, Diner-Farm, 2 @ Farm-Power, Power-Town, Town, Far End of Bridge.)
  • A green light in the mist usually means there is something special there. Except for the one at the end of the bridge as far as I know...
  • Bus Parts Spawn randomly always behind a door you need a power Turbine to open. They spawn in the following 4 areas Bus Depot, Diner, Farm, Town (Little door near the church at the far end of the map, semtex is also there)


  1. Will you keep your money that's In the bank if you turn off your game?

    1. Yes your money stays realistic as if u dwposited your pay check in ur account in real life...$250,000 is the max that the bank will hold

    2. The money deposited in the bank vault seems to be wasted in offline splitscreen. Is this normal? I'm assuming that the fridge and bank vault only work when you play online as money and weapons dissapear after death or games end.

  2. not true i lost all of my money that i put in the bank

    1. This only works online, the info with your current balance in the bank and your last weapon stored in fridge are saved on the treyarch cloud, if you try to store money offline you can just retrieve it in the same game you did.

  3. I so flying orb of light move away from in the fog
    any one what it is ? ? ?

  4. If you throw monkeys in the two places in the highway tunnel between bus depot and diner you will here the guy laugh and it will rise up into the ceiling does anyone know what that does?

    1. In my searches about tips in zombies I found an article which says that if you throw the monkey bombs in any window (and it includes every window in the game, not just these two in tunnel) in the next round will come a max ammo. Tested it two times and worked, but I don't know if was a really function in the game os just coincidence.

  5. do u have to update your system to get the jetgun engine