Sunday, 18 November 2012

Black Ops 2 - Ultimate Easter Egg + Tips Thread

Welcome to the Black Ops 2 - Mega Easter Egg + Tips thread Thread!

Here I will create a collection for all of the know tutorials for the map: 'Tranzit'.

There will be a mixture of Text and Video tutorials top hopefully explain in best detail what you are supposed to do.

Just a quick one, not all content is original in this thread, I have just compiled this together to make it easier for everyone.

Tutorial Order:
  • -Tower of Babble - Achievement / Easter Egg
  • -Easter Egg Song - Song
  • -Bus Upgrade - Makes traveling on the Bus easier
  • -Pack-a-Punch - Upgrading Weapons
  • -Build-able Items - Makes the Game easier
  • -Nach der Untaten - Trip down memory lane
  • -The Bank - Transfer Money from Game to Game
  • -The Cabin - Bowie Knife / Building Easter Egg

Maxis - Obey The Voices

The Song - Teddy Bear Locations

The Bus - Parts + Locations

Pack-a-Punch - Location + How to Build

Build-able Items - All bonus items that can be built within the map

Wonder Weapons - A list of all upgrades

Nach der Untoten - How to get there

The Bank - How it Works?

The Cabin - Location (Location of the Bowie Knife)

Sharing Money - Location + How to


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