Monday, 19 November 2012

Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombie Mods/ Gameplay: Unlimited ammo and max points + More

Features/options it includes:

1) Infinite ammo all weapons solo
2) Infinite ammo all weapons multiple players
3) Max points modes arenas multiple players
4) Max kills modes arenas multiple players
5) Always have 0 dead multiple players
6) Max money in zombies
7) God mod in zombies
8) God mod solo
9) Deactivate all

- Enigma - Caboose - ADDZ - FeralA9X - madasahat - DeadlyData - BxRKings -
XPGSensy420 - Bullet - Dualla - begallegal1 -

These modifications are for educational purposes only and will not be used in a public game nor are intended to mean any harm.

The gameplay represented in this video is copyright of activision publishing inc and Treyarch Inc.