Thursday, 4 April 2013

Sony May Reveal the PS4 Before E3

Sony’s given us a plethora of information concerning their next generation console, the PS4. While the details covered console specs, controller specs, applications, games and other improvements, they did not show the console it self. To keep the fans, who are already edging with excitement, on the edge of their seats, Sony kept the actual PS4 under wraps. What many were, and still are, expecting is a reveal at E3; however, Sony may bless us a tad bit earlier.
Sources that have close ties with the highly – heavy emphasis on the “highly” - accredited PC Magazine have told them that Sony is planning a reveal which will make place prior to E3. “Expect a big announcement from Sony about its next-gen PlayStation 4 console this month or possibly in early May, a source familiar with the company's marketing strategy told PCMag this week,” wrote Damon Poeter of PC Mag. “Sony may be parceling out information about its coming game console to build up buzz, according to the source.”
They’ve got the whole “buzz” thing down, but hey, more “buzz” build up shouldn’t hurt as long as they deliver accordingly. This way, if Sony does reveal their actual console before E3, then they could use E3 to focus more on games. After all, we are gamers; we want to see games that innovate, push boundaries and blow our minds. Let’s leave the gritty and dirty details of core specifications to the masters. As long as they provide a solid framework to let the games push and surpass the limitations of the current generation, I, for one, will be very happy.

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