Tuesday, 23 April 2013

GTA V Live Action Commercial Images Leaked

Rockstar have been quiet lately with regards to the GTA V’s flow of information. This past weekend things encountered a refreshing change of pace. They were down in the drug ridden, and naturally beautiful environment that is Mexico. Whilst down under, they were apparently shooting a live action commercial aimed at bringing a theatrical flair to GTA V. Although gameplay is my preference, I don’t mind a well-done live action commercial, especially when it’s being shot in the streets of Mexico.
Reddit user marcodj caught a glimpse of the action as the commercial was being filmed right in front of his flat. “A GTA V ad was shot during the weekend in front of my building,” said Marc. “These are some photos I took.”

The GTA V banner in a few of these pictures ties it all together. Classical Grand Theft Auto elements are used. Car wrecks, general destruction, police presence, and downright chaos all look promising. This commercial will, hopefully, do a phenomenal job of promoting the already massively hyped game.
Rockstar haven’t commented on this leak yet; however, this looks fairly legitimate. More information will soon arrive. The games expected to be released on September 17 of this year.


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