Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Pokemon Go Bot GoManager v1.3.3 (Updated)

Note: I will update this thread as more updates released etc. PS. I take no credits for this bot etc
Last Updated: 31/08/2016

How to use


Download Link: Here
Virus scan (.exe): Here
Features:- Includes most features that public bots have.
- Stable. Won't crash or get stuck in an infinite loop.
- Multiple Accounts.
- View Pokedex, Inventory, Pokemon, etc.
- Manually transfer/evolve pokemon. I don't recommend doing this while 
the bot is running on the account, but I attempted to prevent any issues
that can occur.
- Individual settings for every pokemon/item.
- Import a list of accounts.
- Proxy support


- Running time will now stop when it's waiting for a proxy.
- Fixed bug with proxy removal.
- Fixed bug with constant first pokestop loops.
- Possible to clear proxy failure count now.
- Added default values on the scheduler.
- Mark tutorial complete will now check if session expired
- Status bar will now show how many items selected on main window.
- Can upgrade pokemon.
- Fixed crash on forgetting to add minutes to scheduler time.


- Fixed exception when deleting schedules.
- Deleting schedules will now remove them from accounts.
- Fixed proxy auth displaying backwards.
- Fixed bug where exp/hr displays incorrectly.
- Scheduler events will now save across restarts.
- Scheduler should now work across a day (Ex: 11pm to 1am).
- Scheduler won't start when max level is hit.
- Temp IP ban and verification needed should remove/rotate proxies now.
- Scheduler max time changed to 23.99.
- Fixed scheduler back color.
- Fix attempt for null reference on right click.
- Scheduler shouldn't spam messages now.
- Proxies should be removed when removing accounts.
- Deleting accounts should remove proxy and scheduler.
- Clearing proxies will now remove auto set proxies.
- To prevent issues, there must be 0 accounts on a proxy to remove it.
- A confirmation message will popup (once) to determine 64bit vs 32bit system.
- There's now a log message for incorrect encrypt version.
- Added setting to allow you to auto remove proxies when stopped.
- Added welcome screen.

v1.2.6 - This would be the first release classified as an actual beta version. The scheduler will have some bugs in it.
Use the v1.2.6b file
- Fixed bug where "account ban" counter wouldn't reset on restart.
- Echo is sent before transfer to check if session expired.
- Transfer will pause a running program. This is to help prevent API throttles. Other requests will come in time.
- Device settings will now auto fill when config file has null values for them.
- Attempted to fix the 32bit encrypt vs 64bit detection. Tell me if there's any issues.
- Added group name to stat export.
- Update Details and exporting will now only run a *max* of 10 accounts at once to prevent timeouts.
- Scheduler

*** Known Issues ***
- Enable/Disable inventory will reset search percent to 0 & 1000.
- Failure to detect 32 vs 64 bit. If you get "No pokestops found" when
you *know* you aren't IP banned, rename the encrypt_XX.dll to
encrypt.dll that corresponds to your OS bit.
- Scheduler doesn't work through program restarts. Readd the scheduler to get it working. Will be fixed in next release
- Deleting schedulers throws exceptoin. Will be fixed in next release

Necro - Using his updated API (with slight modifications) and some methods (IE: navigation).FeroxRev - Original library
And everyone that contributed to those projects.


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