Thursday, 23 April 2015

PeXploit (Lite) loads PS4 Back up

The PeXploit (Lite)V1.0 loads backup's!!

Today i finished backing up my 1tb PS4 to upgrade my hard drive to 2tb 2.5 sata drive. Well i wanted to take a look at the archive in the back up so looked at it hex editer a little and than remembered The PeXploit (Lite)V1.0 for PS3 which i take no credit for that tool. So loaded my PS4 back up in it and it loaded perfectly. Now it's time for alot of testing in the next week just to see if maybe loading licensed games with out the licensed account on the PS4 and possibly see if there is a way to put a ftp and maybe a package installer on the console this way. Yes that's probably not going to work. But the games on the other hand have a higher possibility. A way every one can start sharing games to see if they wanna buy it for them self's. So i am throwing alot of possible methods of testing that others can also try. But use my tutorial how to get your game pkg's off your PS4 to start your testing (from my other thread). Best way to do this test is have your main back up put some where safe. Clear all info off PS4. Basically wipe it, like it's new. Make a new fresh account, make a back up of that. Than with the PKG's you got off your PS4 with your PC you load in PeXploit (Lite)V1.0 after loading archive which is the PS4 back up. Patch and go and than restore it on PS4 for test. I plan to work on getting several game pkg's off my console before doing this test and i will report back if any of the full games work or not. But in mean time join me on this test and also report your luck. It's time to we do more to see what possibility's we can start putting together. 

Link to: How to get your Game PKG's off your PS4!!


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