Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Sony have given the PS Vita a face lift, as well as some new extra's

Today at a conference in Japan,  Sony revealed that it will be releasing an all-new model of PlayStation Vita.
According to Sony, this new Vita was designed to be “a more casual and easier to use model." This new re-design is thinner, lighter, and comes in many new different colors. Some other things have been tweaked so as to improve the user's experience, such as It’s 20 percent thinner and 15 percent lighter than the standard Vita model, and is more “affordable." It's now using a 5" LCD screen, instead of the old OLED screen. Another good tweak is that battery life has been increased by an hour. We can also expect this new Vita to allow up to 64GB of storage.
This new PS Vita will come in 6 colors, some will be new and some will be old. The scheduled release date in Japan is October 10th, it will cost 18,980 Yen (roughly about $190). Sony didn't announce whether this will be available in the West yet, we can expect more details on this soon.
What do you think guys? Will you purchase this or do you think it will be the same as the original PS Vita?


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