Friday, 12 July 2013

Killzone: Shadow Fall Pre-Order Bonuses

Guerrilla Games, the company behind the allegorical game that is one of Sony's best selling exclusives which had quite a lot of popularity lately has recently announced the “Shadow Pack” pre-order bundle. Killzone: Shadow Fall is unquestionably the one with most of the Playstation 4's fan-base attention and since the reveal at E3, there has been a great deal of apprehension faced towards this exclusive Sony title.
With the return of the Killzone franchise, the next-generation of gaming couldn't of been a better time to reveal Guerrilla Games next-gen debut; with the notorious return on this game, the pre-orders were also expeditious and today, Sony revealed the 'perks' of your pre-order and what you will receive in return.
Poria Torkan, producer at Guerrilla Games wrote on the official PlayStation Blog, “To allow you to tailor your gameplay experience even further, we’re happy to announce the Shadow Pack – a bundle of exclusive content you’ll receive for pre-ordering Killzone: Shadow Fall at participating retailers! The Shadow Pack will gain you access to these extras:”
Check out the pre-order bonus details:

If you haven't seen any Killzone: Shadow Fall gameplay, be sure to watch the prestigious video below:

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