Friday, 3 May 2013

Sony E3 Conference Schedule

It’s TIME (Bruce Buffer’s voice as he glorifies every introduction with an added raw and alluring kick) for what Sony fans have all been anxious to see. With E3 only one short month away, Sony has revealed their conference schedule. On June 10th, a Monday, they will without a doubt bring the actual PS4 console into the light, for then we will be able to marvel at its indefinite glory. To be a tad bit more specific, they will begin at 6:00 P.M. Pacific Time/9:00 P.M. Eastern.
What’s more to this is the fact that Sony is to proceed after Microsoft’s conference. Both Microsoft and Ubisoft have scheduled their conferences for an earlier time of the same day. Will this work to Sony’s advantage? Will they be able to crush whatever goodies Microsoft may drop on the battlefield?
If you are like the majority who isn’t blessed with the opportunity of physically attending E3, the event will most likely be live streamed. Although Sony or any other big name companies haven’t spoken on it, it’s almost a guarantee. E3 is the biggest thing to happen to gaming each year, and players worldwide will want to feast their eyes upon this event one way or another; so, count on a live stream.
I’m anxious for this event, as the heavy hitters of the gaming industry will drop epic bombshells. Furthermore, we will (hopefully) get to see the actual PS4 console in all of its pristinely designed beauty. I can’t wait! A month and a couple days longer and the next-generation will officially be in our grips.


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