Friday, 29 March 2013

Microsoft’s Next-Gen Reveal Pushed Back?

Microsoft has been incredibly secretive when it comes to their next-generation console. Although some rumors have slipped out, all things orbiting in cyber space regarding Microsoft’s next console could be labeled as unofficial. One little word makes a strikingly huge difference. It’s literally the only thin line distinguishing the truth and tale. Until Microsoft speaks, we will have to indulge in the abundant rumors available.
Paul Thurrott, who reportedly has close ties with Microsoft, has been letting the information flow. He was the first to state that Microsoft registered a domain name by “” in order to aid their April reveal; which, once again, Thurrott let slip.
Although Microsoft hasn’t commented on an April reveal, it was made out to be a likely possibility. With Sony ahead of the game, jumping the gun with their incredible PS4 reveal, Microsoft must reveal their console sooner than later. Paul Thurrott has once again released more information regarding Microsoft and “Durango.”

He primarily was hinting at an April reveal; however, he now says that has been pushed back another month. Could this be true? Only time will officially tell. If not April, then May, right? One month before E3 2013, which is in June. Nonetheless, even if this May reveal isn’t true, E3 will be the destination. If Microsoft is foolish enough to not reveal their console by E3, at the latest, then I will have lost hope for them. Fingers are crossed as I’m impatiently waiting.

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