Wednesday, 5 December 2012

[HOW TO] Mod Black Ops 2 Zombies + Campaign


So let's begin!

1. Download the attached files.
2. Unrar the files (extract them)
3. Move the extracted Folder to your XBOX 360 HDD (with a USB drive, you should put it in your "games" folder with black ops 2)
4. Before doing anything you have to unload your dashboard, if you have every played Black Ops 2 on the JTAG you will know how to do this, because you have to do it in order to play the game without it freezing upon launch!
5. Launch the trainer_launcher.xex - This will load the trainer into the memory
6. Start the game (however you would usually start it, I would do it by selecting the default.xex under my ISO)
7. Start up the Campaign or Zombies
6. Press Start+Back (select) while in the game and follow the on-screen instructions
7. Press a Number to activate a CheatCode.

Here are the list of cheatcodes (they are shown on-screen anyway):

1 - GOD Solo (Inf Health in Campaign)2 - Inf Ammo Solo (Inf Ammo/No Reload in Campaign)3 - GOD Zombie (Inf Health in Zombie Mode)4 - Inf Ammo Zombie (Inf Ammo/No Reload in Zombie Mode)5 - Max Money Zombie (Start with 100000 Cash)6 - Enable Codes (1,2) - 66 - Disable Codes (1,2)7 - Enable Codes (3,4,5)77 - Disable Codes (3,4,5)9 - Disable All Codes


  1. Are there any mods that people without JTags can do with a USB?