Sunday, 21 October 2012

MW3 Hacks Online Tutorial by Choco ( Latest Update )

Features:-Custom welcome message upon loading game
-32,500 suicide XP in:
•Kill Confirmed
•Capture the Flag
-Predator missile martydrom
-Broken glass floats up into the sky
-Dead bodies/care packages/falling objects have low gravity
-Javelin Macross (won't kill you when you shoot)
-Instant Javelin Impact
-Sleight of Hand reloads instantly
-Steady aim has perfect accuracy
-Quadruple weapon XP in all gamemodes
-Throwing a portable radar down gives you constant UAV
-You can now turn a full 360 degrees while prone
-No sway while aiming down sight
-Pink names for you and your party members (only the host sees them)
-Vision tweaks (looks like PC promod; reduces lag in game)
-Pickup prints (game tells you if you pick up ammo)
Head over to NGU for the full tutorial


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