This is a new project for BOII I've been working on. This is a DLL for use in a tool that allows you to have RPC and some other functions. This DLL was written in C#, so it will work for any .net applications. For this DLL to work, you need to have the PS3 Target Manager installed on your PC.

What is RPC?

RPC (Remote Procedure Calls) allows you to call a function from inside the BOII elf from your computer. With this, you can do things like give weapons, execute commands, change your model, or even spawn HUD elements. It's extremely useful, and it opens up many possibilities for modding.

How to use this DLL
*I will be explaining how to use this for a C# program.

1. Inside your program project, add BO2RPC.DLL as a reference (in Visual C#, this is done by clicking Project>Add Reference and selecting the DLL).
2. To enable RPC, use this code inside your program:

This will Connect to the default DEX target, attach process, and inject my RPC functions into memory.

This DLL also includes functions for getting and setting memory on your DEX PS3:

BO2RPC.Util.SetMemory(uint address, byte[] val);

byte[] getMem = BO2RPC.Util.GetMemory(uint address, int length);

How to Call a Function

This RPC supports calling a function using up to 5 arguments. To call a function, use this code:

BO2RPC.Util.Call(, , , , , );
If you need to pass a string as an argument, do it like this:

BO2RPC.Util.Call(, str_pointer("Argument 1"), , , str_pointer("Argument 4"), );
(Note: If the function you want to call takes less than 5 parameters, you can leave the additional ones out. Also, functions can only be called while in a game.)

Here is the source code for those who are interested: [C#] using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using Syst -

And, here is the PPC source for my RPC functions: seg001:007A7230 stdu r1, -0xC0(r1) seg001:007A7234 -

You may use any code from this that you wish. All I ask is that you give credits.

Download the DLL:

Download: BO2RPC.dll

Virus Scan:

-iMCSx for the DLL import function
-xSonoro for helping me pack it into a DLL

Oh, as an added bonus, I've thrown in some example uses for this. Here's a few functions you all can make use of: ( link HERE )